MM Templates - Clothing

We offer a full range of services related to the preparation of clothing and textile manufacturing..

Our core activity is the professional design of clothing patterns from the prototype to grading to the preparation of the pattern layout either in a digital form (specialist CAD/CAM program) or printed on paper using a wide-format plotter at a 1:1 scale. Using a professional computer program, we can import and export models and pattern layouts in various formats (DXF/RULL, AAMA/ASTM, PLT, HP/GL, INVX, NML). Our offer is addressed to large, medium-sized and small enterprises and natural persons as well.

Basing on sketches, photographs and finished items, we make patterns for women's, men's, children's and teen clothing.

We have considerable experience in making items:

  • from FABRIC, KNIT and LEATHER,,
  • in the process of tailoring and dressmaking,
  • of work clothing, specialist clothing and other clothing.

We look forward to establishing a business relationship with clothing manufacturers and fashion designers.

szablony odzieżowe

Our long-standing experience and skills guarantee the fulfilment of our Customers' expectations.

All designs, patterns and models that we receive from Customers remain their exclusive property! We take all necessary measures to protect our Customers' property and copyright.